Meet the Team

Our dedicated team has over 100 years of combined experience in the music and entertainment industry. We've worked / performed / recorded with Tommy Shaw, Dan Fogelberg, David Lanz, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rosemary Butler, Jim Brickman, Ronnell Bright +many more!

Kristen Dillie

Kristen Dillie

Wielder of Magic


Kyle Turner

Manager of All Worth Managing

From Rock to New Age, Blues to Gospel - our Team can help you with Composition, Production, Branding, Lyrics and anything else you need to make your vision become a reality.


Jenni Barbour

Vocalist Extraordinaire


Dani Gilmore

The Fashionista


Elly Knight-Braun

Pixie Dust Photographer

Bob Baker

Bob Baker

Sultan of Special Occasions


Chad Beall

Production Geek

Todd Kelly

Todd Kelly

Programming Guru

Phillip Mills

Phil Mills

Songwriting Ninja

Copper (The Studio Dog):

Copper, the Studio DogIn his rookie year, Copper, a beagle extraordinaire, was omnipresent at a whirlwind 3 week recording session of the Salus album. From conception to composing, recording, mixing and mastering, Copper was a best friend who lessened the strain of all-nighter studio sessions with his big puppy eyes, floppy ears, and over-sized puppy paws. But most amazingly, as if he could read the sign, "Silence! Recording In Progress!"- Copper never once barked while 'tape' was rolling! He was soon given the title- Copper The Studio Dog! Since then, Copper has gone on to earn veteran status at Heavy Metal, Pop, Jazz, Folk, and Soundtrack recordings. In true M*A*S*H unit style, using humor to lessen the stress of marathon musical surgeries, Copper's title stretched to Copper Popper Topper Dopper Whopper Lopper Stopper-Mark Knopler-Cindy Lauper-John Popper-The Big Bopper-Dennis Hopper...